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Little Athletics survives and is able to be conducted only by the efforts of volunteers. Little Athletics Chelsea (LAC) has been fortunate throughout it’s history to have had many self sacrificing community minded people to assist in providing a valuable avenue for children to participate in the recreational activity of the sport of Athletics. This is no more evident than from the many people who through their hard work and dedication have been awarded the honour of Life Membership of LAC. However, once in a very long while a special person comes along and surpasses the efforts that warrant even this honour. And that person is Andrew Holten.

Starting at Chelsea in 1998 and continuing to this day (2014), over many years Andrew has provided the type of support that can not be measured by list alone, and that list would be very long. It would not be an exaggeration by stating that without his efforts that competition may not have been able to be conducted on any given week. From being the first person to set-up at literally the crack of dawn (or even before) to the last person out the door. Andrew we thank you for your efforts and this award is named in honour, recognition, and appreciation of your efforts.

First awarded in the 2010/11 season, the award is presented to a member of the Centre who has made an outstanding contribution over many seasons.

Andrew Holten Award Award Thomas Ludwig - Andrew Holten Award Award Winner 2013/14
Andrew Holten
As always, laying the first permanent plinth marker
Thomas Ludwig
Andrew Holten Award Winner 2013/14


Season Awardee
2010/11 Anthony Cafarella
2011/12 Richard Cullen
2012/13 Therese Smith
2013/14 Thomas Ludwig
2014/15 Amy Menhennitt
2014/15 Pauline Pawsey
2015/16 Michael Cochrane

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