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A truly sensational effort and congratulations to the defending champions, Panthers, having now won an incredible fifth successive Club Shield premiership.

Club Premiership Shield Standings for 2010/11

Panthers Panthers 3269
Redbacks Redbacks 3164
Roadrunners Roadrunners 2931

Club Premiership Shield - Breakdown Per Age Group

Age Group 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
U/6 Redbacks 3881 Panthers 3411 Roadrunners 3072
U/7 Redbacks  4089* Panthers  4089* Roadrunners 3246
U/8 Roadrunners 3459 Panthers 3232 Redbacks 3186
U/9 Panthers 4555 Redbacks 3224 Roadrunners 2817
U/10 Roadrunners 3623 Panthers 3148 Redbacks 2583
U/11 Panthers 3387 Redbacks 2582 Roadrunners 2501
U/12 Panthers 2809 Roadrunners 2548 Redbacks 2410
U/13 Roadrunners 3146 Panthers 2514 Redbacks 2333
U/14 Panthers 3131 Redbacks 2634 Roadrunners 2216
U/15 Panthers 3908 Redbacks 2400  
U/16 Panthers 3367 Redbacks 3050 Roadrunners 1631

*U/7 tie for first place

The points totals are weighted values, and are calculated as follows:

Total Accumulated Points for Individual Club / (Maximum Number of Events per Club*)

*the Number of Events is the maximum that may have been performed by each Club based on the actual
  number of athletes that have attended each week

Athletes should do their absolute best each week, and compete in as many events, preferably all, as they can so that their Club has the best chance of winning. Not competing in an event effectively "loses" points for a Club.

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