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Important Information for all Members

Little Athletics Chelsea will be enforcing a "No Patch - No Competition" policy for this season.

Any athlete not wearing the LAV provided chest patch may not be permitted to compete.

Part of the registration requirement is to ensure that your Jetstar patches are worn at Little Athletics events each week as part of your uniform. The Association registration label as supplied to each Competitive Member must be worn on the front of the Centre uniform at all Centre competition activities. The information below indicates where they should be placed.

  • The Jetstar/LAV vinyl patch (pictured right) must be placed on the front of your Club uniform top. This is an essential piece of your weekly uniform as it enables the Centre to identify your Age Group, Name and Registration details for weekly records.

  • Non wearing of this patch will result in athletes being ineligible to compete at at the Centre until attached to their uniform.

  • Loss of this patch will incur a $2 fee for a temporary paper replacement. A vinyl replacement will incur a fee of $5. All proceeds are donated to charity.
LAV Patch
  • The Jetstar sew on patch must be placed high on the right side front of the Club uniform top.

  • This is an Little Athletics Australia requirement as Jetstar are the national naming rights sponsor.

  • Loss of this patch will incur a $5 fee for a replacement. All proceeds are donated to charity.
IGA Patch

To avoid disappointment please ensure that the above guidelines are adhered to. Should you lose your patch at any time during the season a temporary replacement patch may be downloaded and printed at no cost by visiting the following links:

Download Replacement LAV/Jetstar Patch (blank)

Alternatively you may generate a personalised chest patch with your name, age group, and barode using the link below:

Generate Replacement LAV/Jetstar Patch (personalised)

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