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The Centre issues a Handbook  at the start of each season that contains important information about the Centre, including General Rules, the Season Calendar, the Weekly Event Programs, Centre Records, and Athlete Champions.

Whilst the website and weekly newsletters aim to keep the most up-to-date information, the Handbook is still a very useful reference document.

The Handbook also contains promotions and advertising from local businesses that financially assist the centre, so we encourage you to use their services and products.

 Season 2015/16 Centre Handbook
2015-16 Season Handbook
Click On The Cover Image to download the
2015/16 Season Handbook

Format: PDF, File Size : 8.6 Mb

 Archived Handbooks
adobe PDF logo 2014/15   (9.2 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2013/14   (5.5 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2012/13   (5.5 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2011/12   (4.4 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2010/11   (3.2 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2009/10   (3.5 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2008/09   (2.5 Mb)
adobe PDF logo 2007/08   (3.0 Mb)
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