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The table below details all Chelsea athletes that recorded a medal winning performance at the VLAA State Track & Field Championships. Congratulations on your achievements to all athletes named below.

Season Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Name Age
Event Name Age
Event Name Age
1969/70* NIL
1970/71             G Freeman U/9G 60m Hurdles
1971/72 Andrew Sinclair U/9 B 60m Hurdles J Pinsent U/9 G 60m Hurdles      
Glen Philbey U/9 B High Jump            
1972/73 Glen Philbey U/10 B High Jump       Mandy Davidson U/9 G 70m
            Andrew Sinclair U/10 B 60m Hurdles
1973/74 M Davis U/12 G Discus Mandy Davidson U/10 G 70m M Davis U/12 G 100m
Glen Philbey U/11 B High Jump Mandy Davidson U/10 G 200m A Mathers U/9 B 100m Hurdles
      Kevin Naismith U/9 B 800m      
      M Davis U/12 G Shot Put      
1974/75 L Davis U/11 G 100m Hurdles Mandy Davidson U/11 G 70m B Davidson U/9 B 60m Hurdles
      Mandy Davidson U/11 G 100m A Mathers U/10 B 100m Hurdles
      D Baker U/11 B Triple Jump      
      Martin Richardson U/12 B 1500m Walk      
      Glen Philbey U/12 B High Jump      
      Rohan David U/9 B 100m Hurdles      
      L Davis U/11 G 60m Hurdles      
1975/76 L Davis U/12 G 60m Hurdles Rohan David U/10 B 60m Hurdles      
L Davis U/12 G 100m Hurdles            
S Gray U/9 B 60m Hurdles            
1976/77 NIL
1977/78 UNKNOWN
1978/79 C Joycey U/9 G High Jump S Gray U/11 B 70m Craig Best U/9 B Long Jump
S Gray U/11 B Long Jump       Eamonn Mathieson U/10 B Discus
1979/80 Ian Westmore U/11 B 100m Hurdles Eamonn Mathieson U/11 B Discus      
1980/81       Shane Bilsborough U/12 B Triple Jump      
1981/82 Alicia Gray U/9 G Long Jump            
Alicia Gray U/9 G Triple Jump            
1982/83 Alicia Gray U/10 G Triple Jump S Brown U/11 B 1500m Walk B Wiseman U/9 B 100m Hurdles
      Alicia Gray U/10 G Long Jump Brett Callaghan U/9 B 100m
            Brett Callaghan U/9 B Long Jump
            Brett Callaghan U/9 B Triple Jump
1983/84 UNKNOWN
1984/85 Jason Quinn U/11 B 70m P Dick U/10 B 1500m Walk      
Jason Quinn U/11 B 200m Carly Prosser U/10 G 1100m Walk      
      M Whitelaw U/9 B High Jump      
INCOMPLETE     T Hopgood U/10 B Triple Jump      
      T Hopgood U/10 B Long Jump      
1985/86 Brett Callaghan U/12 B 60m Hurdles Jason Quinn U/12 B Triple Jump B Dick U/11 B 1500m
Brett Callaghan U/12 B 90m Hurdles A Higgins U/13 B 800m P Dick U/11 B 1500m Walk
Jason Quinn U/12 B 100m       M Whitelaw U/10 B Long Jump
Jason Quinn U/12 B 200m       Brett Callaghan U/12 B Long Jump
Alicia Gray U/13 G Long Jump       Alicia Gray U/13 G 90m Hurdles
Alicia Gray U/13 G Triple Jump       S Prosser U/13 G 1500m Walk
1986/87 Alicia Gray U/14 G Long Jump Evette Cordy U/14 G 90m Hurdles      
Alicia Gray U/14 G Triple Jump J Sullivan U/15 G 1500m Walk      
P Dick U/12 B 1500m Walk B Dick U/12 B 1500m      
B Wiseman U/13 B High Jump Jemima Butterfield U/10 G Triple Jump      
      Evette Cordy U/14 G Triple Jump      
1987/88 K Scanlon U/14 G 90m Hurdles D Scanlon U/12 B 100m Fiona Harris U/10 G 90m Hurdles
Alicia Gray U/15 G Triple Jump D Scanlon U/12 B 200m Alicia Gray U/15 G High Jump
Alicia Gray U/15 G Long Jump Alicia Gray U/15 G 90m Hurdles      
1988/89             S Irish U/15 B 1500m Walk
            L Harris U/14 B Triple Jump
1989/90 Fiona Harris U/12 G 60m Hurdles Brendon Bride U/14 B 400m B Gray U/10 G Triple Jump
Fiona Harris U/12 G 90m Hurdles D Scanlon U/14 B 90m Hurdles      
      N King U/13 G 100m      
1990/91 Brendon Bride U/15 B 400m Natasha Riley U/14 G 800m      
1991/92       Chris Ascuncion U/13 B Triple Jump      
      Jemima Butterfield U/15 G 90m Hurdles Natasha Riley U/15 G 300m Hurdles
      Chris Ascuncion U/13 B 400m      
1992/93       Clinton Perrett U/10 B 800m Fiona Harris U/15 G 300m Hurdles
            Trent Downie U/12 B Long Jump
            Clinton Perrett U/10 B 400m
1993/94       Anne Hibberd U/11 G 80m Hurdles N Brannan U/15 B 800m
      Jarrod Harris U/13 B Shot Put      
1994/95 Clinton Perrett U/12 B 1500m Clinton Perrett U/12 B 800m A McLaughlan U/9 B Discus
      Jessica Dalton U/9 G High Jump      
1995/96             Kallai Meehan U/9 B Discus
      Marissa Butterfield U/14 G Long Jump      
      Marissa Butterfield U/14 G 300m Hurdles      
            Clinton Perrett U/13 B 1500m
            Mark Occhipinti U/15 B Long Jump
1996/97             Kallai Meehan U/10 B Discus
            Marissa Butterfield U/15 G 300m Hurdles
            Marissa Butterfield U/15 G 90m Hurdles
            Marissa Butterfield U/15 G Long Jump
1997/98       Laurence Angwin U/15 B Triple Jump Kallai Meehan U/11 B Discus
      Anne Hibberd U/15 G Triple Jump      
1998/99 Jessica Dalton U/13 G High Jump Carly Chapman U/13 G 300m Hurdles Sarah Alexander U/10 G 1100m Walk
1999/00 Sarah Alexander U/11 G 1500m Walk Rachael Evans U/9 G 80m Hurdles Rachael Evans U/9 G 60m Hurdles
      Tegan Fletcher U/15 G 100m Jessica Dalton U/14 G High Jump
2000/01             Matthew Johansson U/9 B Shot Put
            Emily Johnston U/9 G 60m Hurdles
2001/02 NIL
2002/03       Luke Smith U/11 B Long Jump      
      Luke Smith U/11 B Javelin      
2003/04 NIL
2004/05       Tamara Ballerini U/9 G Discus Ruby Holten U/12 G 80m Hurdles
      Jordan Fleming U/11 B 200m      
      Radel Fleming /11 B 80m Hurdles      
      Luke Smith U/13 B Javelin      
2005/06 Tamara Ballerini U/10 G Discus Radel Fleming U/12 B 100m Radel Fleming U/12 B 70m
            Jordan Fleming U/12 B 200m
            Jordan Fleming U/12 B Triple Jump
2006/07       Tamara Ballerini U/11 G Javelin Sean Hendricks U/13 B 300m Hurdles
            Tamara Ballerini U/11 G Discus
2007/08 Nicola Deacon U/13 G 80m Hurdles Rebecca Deacon U/15 G High Jump Sean Hendricks U/14 B 90m Hurdles
Sean Hendricks U/14 B 300m Hurdles       Sean Hendricks U/14 B 400m
2008/09 Sean Hendricks U/15 B 100m Hurdles Sean Hendricks U/15 B 200m Tristan Scheirs U/9 B 70m
Sean Hendricks U/15 B 300m Hurdles Tristan Scheirs U/9 B Long Jump Harvey Connor U/11 B Long Jump
Sean Hendricks U/15 B 400m Tamara Ballerini U/13 G Discus      
2009/10 Tristan Scheirs U/10 B Long Jump Tristan Scheirs U/10 B 60m Hurdles Tamara Ballerini U/14 G Shot Put
Tristan Scheirs U/10 B Triple Jump            
2010/11 NIL
2011/12 NIL
2012/13 NIL
2013/14 NIL
2014/15             James Hendricks U/14 B 300m Hurdles
2015/16             Erin Reilly U/14 G Javelin
2016/17       Teagan Lay U/9 G 100m Teagan Lay U/9 G 70m
      Teagan Lay U/9 G Long Jump      

*First year of representation. State Championships were held in 1968 & 1969, however the Chelsea Centre had not yet been established.

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling these results, if you are aware of any errors or omissions we would appreciate your notification using our feedback page.

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