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Officiating at Little Athletics (LA) is very simple and indeed even more rewarding. If you're new to LA you might feel a little unsure of what you can do to assist, the information provided below will help you get a better understanding of how each event works and make you feel more comfortable.

At the basic level what we mean by "officiating" is really just helping out. LA is an activity where you can learn the event rules as you go along, and in a short space of time you'll find that you know more than enough to run the event. If you're ever in doubt help is always close at hand, contact a higher accredited official listed below or a Centre committee member.

Instructional Videos

The following videos are an excellent resource developed by Little Athletics Australia. Various aspects of conducting a LA event are covered with a brief demonstration. These videos may be downloaded (mp4 format) and installed on an iPod/iPhone or other compatible type device. Videos open in a new window.

Officiating Logo Video logo Starting Video logo High Jump
Video logo Timekeeping Video logo Circular Throws
Video logo General Track Rules Video logo Javelin
Video logo Horizontal Jumps Video logo Recording

Please note the Official's qualification process has recently been updated. The information below is now out of date and we will be amending this shortly. Some information remains relevant and is made available for historical purposes.

Level 1 Official

Achieving a Level 1 Officials certificate is very easy.

Just read the "How-To-Help" booklet and answer the simple eight multiple choice questions. Send your answers via post or email to LAV and get your test results and certificate in no time at all.

We strongly encourage all parents to be become at least Level 1 Officials, to gain a basic understanding of the events at Little Athletics, and what you can do to assist during the weekly competition.
How To Help at Little Athletics

Level 2 Official

Moving on from the Level 1 Officials qualifications, you may decide on being accredited as a Level 2 Official. This is a quite simple process and involves reading an information booklet, and completing a multi-choice answer sheet. There is no cost involved and as much time can be taken as desired. Simply email or post the completed answer sheet to LAV.

Completing a Level 2 Officials test and being accredited will provide a better understanding of the requirements of officiating at Little Athletics, the event rules, and becoming eligible to be a Key Official at Region & State Championships. Most importantly your enjoyment from the involvement will be dramatically improved.

Level 2 Officials Booklet

Level 2 Officials Exam Booklet

Level 2 Officials Answer Sheet

Further Reading

For any person that is particularly keen, you can read the full Competition Rules and Regulations as adhered to by the LAV at State & most Regional Championships.

Competition Regulations

If you require any assistance with the exam or would like to know more, just ask one of the Committee members for help, or contact an accredited official at LA Chelsea.

Current LA Chelsea LAV Accredited Level 2 Officials:

Anthony Cafarella, Pauline Landt

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