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The Inaugural running of the Chelsea Gift was held on the 20th December 2008.

The Gift is a handicap sprint event held over 100m.

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Under clear skies, the inaugural running of the Chelsea Travel Chelsea Gift was held on the 20th of December 2008. As part of the carnival atmosphere in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Chelsea Little Athletics Centre, the handicap race was created to encourage athletes at all levels to compete and have an equal chance of winning the event.  The Centre extends it's thanks to Chelsea Travel for their wonderful sponsorship of this event.

The Senior category winner Luke Gilfedder, won in a field which had just 0.59s between 1st and 8th place, with less than 0.2s separating the top 5 finishers. Luke triumphed over back-marker Sean Hendricks running from the scratch-mark. Sean out of picture for virtually the whole race flashed home to take 2nd place from Tristan Scheirs in 3rd place.

The Junior category winner Darcy Tucker blazed home to finish a clear winner ahead of the field. There was a blanket finish for 2nd to 7th place with just 0.64s between the minor placings.

2008 Chelsea Gift  - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium

2008 Chelsea Gift  - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.


Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Alice Holten U/13 Redbacks 28.0 12.31 8
2 Radel Fleming U/15 Roadrunners 7.0 11.91 5
3 Tristan Scheirs U/9 Panthers 26.0 11.84 3
4 Luke Gilfedder U/14 Roadrunners 19.0 11.72 1
5 Lachlan Stock U/13 Panthers 17.0 11.84 4
6 Hannah Jones U/10 Panthers 30.0 12.08 6
7 Victoria Stock U/11 Panthers 32.0 12.17 7
8 Sean Hendricks U/15 Panthers 0.0 11.80 2

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Emma Jackson U/6 Panthers 24.0 17.53 3
2 Thomas Lehpamer U/8 Redbacks 13.0 17.50 2
3 Darcy Tucker U/6 Redbacks 20.0 15.81 1
4 Andrew Terlato U/8 Roadrunners 21.0 17.72 6
5 Ruby Broad U/7 Roadrunners 25.0 18.14 7
6 Bridie Kelly U/8 Roadrunners 4.0 17.58 5
7 Indigo Mansfield U/8 Redbacks 11.0 17.53 4
8 Adam Jackson U/8 Panthers 16.0 DNS  

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