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Ray White Chelsea

The 2nd Annual running of the Ray White Chelsea Gift was held on the 19th December 2009. Under an overcast sky and unusually cold conditions runners faced a moderate southerly head wind at the start of the day. Back markers this year were Tiana Scheirs in the Junior category (U/6 - U/8) and Angus Scott in the Senior group (U/9 - U/16). Unfortunately neither could overcome their handicap and both narrowly missed advancing to the semi-finals, and were eliminated in the heats. Despite the conditions, several athletes effectively recorded Personal Bests by virtue of running under the benchmark times, these were 17.56s (Tiana) and 13.09s (Angus) in the Junior and Senior events respectively.

In the Senior category Kaih Mitchell raced home to win in 12.46s, in front of a closely bunched field separated by just 0.42s down to 7th place. Lachlan Stock the fancied runner recording the fastest Semi-final time was unable to sustain the effort and finished a close 2nd. Sarah Jones made it a Panthers trifecta finishing in 3rd place. In fact the Final was a Panthers led charge with just one representative outside the Club, James Cochrane of Redbacks.

Juliette Benton might be one of the smallest in stature at the centre, but surely has a big heart, and won quite a few on her way to winning the Junior category of the Ray White Chelsea Gift. The diminutive U/6 athlete powered home to a great victory finishing in an even faster time, after the handicappers had placed an additional 1.0m penalty following her semi-final win. Running into 2nd place was William Mortensen just ahead of Laura Melatua in 3rd place.

2009 Chelsea Gift  - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium

2009 Chelsea Gift  - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium

Senior Category Heats Results

Senior Category Semi-Finals Results


Junior Category Heats Results

Junior Category Semi-Finals Results

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.


Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Georgia Blyth U/16 Panthers 23.0 12.76 4
2 Cassandra Landt U/12 Panthers 29.0 12.84 5
3 Kaih Mitchell U/14 Panthers 16.0 12.46 1
4 Kirsten Holland U/12 Panthers 20.0 DNS  
5 Sarah Jones U/13 Panthers 19.0 12.62 3
6 James Cochrane U/9 Redbacks 37.0 12.88 7
7 Lachlan Stock U/14 Panthers 10.0 12.54 2
8 Matilda Blyth U/13 Panthers 23.0 12.85 6

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Laura Melatua U/7 Panthers 12.0 16.44 3
2 Saba Mansouri U/6 Redbacks 33.0 17.26 8
3 Tabitha Ward U/7 Panthers 21.0 16.71 4
4 William Mortensen U/7 Panthers 18.0 16.32 2
5 Juliette Benton U/6 Roadrunners 39.0 16.01 1
6 Adam Cleaver U/6 Redbacks 25.0 16.93 5
7 Toni Lamont U/8 Roadrunners 32.0 16.96 6
8 Jeremy Ockerby U/6 Redbacks 10.0 17.20 7

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