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The 3rd Annual running of the Ray White Chelsea Gift was held on the 18th December 2010. For the second year in a row runners faced a moderate southerly head wind, signalling a difficult task for the backmarkers. The handicapper's job was complicated this year as there was a lack of data due to pre-event competition wash-outs. Jonathan Mastorakos and Laura Melatua shared the backmarker honours in the Junior category (U/6 - U/8), whilst Angus Scott once again found himself off the scratch mark in the Senior group (U/9 - U/16). Jonathan was narrowly knocked out in the Heats, whilst Angus advanced to the Semi-Final stage following a nail biting finish in a run-off decided by just 0.02sec after a tied Heat time, and Laura shined making it all the way to the Final of the Junior category for the second year in a row. The challenges of chasing a "rabbit" again were displayed, and in spite of the conditions several athletes effectively recorded Personal Bests by virtue of running under the benchmark times, these were 18.86/18.92s (Laura & Jonathan) and 13.15s (Angus) in the Junior and Senior events respectively.

Senior Category

A total of 84 athletes competed in 11 heats progressing thru to 2 semi finals and culminating in the Final. James Cochrane led the field in the Senior category event winning in 12.22s, with less than half a second covering the field from 2nd down to 7th places. Sarah Jones improved from her 3rd place in the 2009 event to place 2nd and Daniel Hendricks rounded out the podium finishing in 3rd place. This year each Club was well represented in the the Final after a Panthers dominated event last season.

Junior Category

Only 48 competitors registered in the Junior category, with Hamish Sinclair winning the event. Speedster Jeremy Ockerby finished in 2nd place off the short mark of 2.0m, and Sam Murray placed 3rd. Notably Laura Melatua defied her handicap of scratch and finished in 5th place, beating her previous season 100m PB by over 1.0sec, a wonderful effort.

2010 Chelsea Gift  - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium

2010 Chelsea Gift  - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium

Senior Category Heats Results

Senior Category Semi-Finals Results


Junior Category Heats Results

Junior Category Semi-Finals Results

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.


Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 James Cochrane U/10 Redbacks 42.0 12.22 1
2 Sarah Jones U/14 Panthers 19.0 12.46 2
3 Matthew De Silva U/10 Redbacks 28.0 12.70 5
4 Toni Lamont U/9 Roadrunners 46.0 12.61 4
5 Molly Eden-Wilis U/9 Redbacks 34.0 12.76 6
6 Daniel Hendricks U/12 Panthers 27.0 12.57 3
7 Stuart Cafarella U/13 Panthers 18.0 12.87 7
8 Dunken Horn U/11 Roadrunners 22.0 13.13 8

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Llelarni Mitchell U/8 Panthers 16.0 18.12 8
2 Jeremy Ockerby U/7 Redbacks 2.0 17.41 2
3 Hamish Sinclair U/8 Panthers 17.0 16.75 1
4 Sam Murray U/8 Panthers 15.0 17.48 3
5 Jessica De Silva U/8 Redbacks 21.0 18.04 7
6 Darby Vogt U/8 Redbacks 17.0 17.51 4
7 Laura Melatua U/8 Panthers 0.0 17.77 5
8 Zac Grech U/6 Panthers 20.0 17.82 6

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