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The 4th Annual running of the Ray White Chelsea Gift was held on the 17th December 2011. In what appears to be a continuing affair and tough conditions for the backmarkers, athletes were again confronted with a stiff southerly head wind.

The backmarker honours this year went to young gun Jeremy Ockerby in the Junior category (U/6 - U/8 - benchmark time: 17.76 sec), and veteran Jake MacDonald ran off the scratch mark in the Senior group (U/9 - U/16 - benchmark time: 13.20sec). The benchmark times represent the base position for the handicapper and is the expected event time for each category, any athlete running under these times effectively signify that they have run a PB. This year saw the first time that a repercharge semi-final was conducted. In past events typically two semi-finals are created after the heats, this year an additional repercharge semi was held in each category. The repercharge event provided opportunity for those that just missed a qualifying final place to continue in the Gift, and actually resulted in athletes who had not automatically qualified gain a spot in the Final.

Senior Category

A total of 72 athletes competed in the senior category of the Gift this year. Daniel Hendricks got a terrific start and backed up his fastest semi-final time in winning the Senior Gift in a time of 12.45s, with Jonathan Mastorakos just 1/100 of a second behind in second place, followed by the fast finishing race backmarker Jayden Rozairo in third. Just 0.43 seconds covered the whole field in one of the tightest races to date.

Junior Category

Starting with 56 athletes competing in the Junior category, the race was won by front-marker Thomas  Evangelista, with race and event back-marker and early favourite (after posting the fastest semi-final time) Jeremy Ockerby finishing in second place two years in a row, with Lachlan Smith rounding out the podium places coming in third.

2011 Chelsea Gift  - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium

2011 Chelsea Gift  - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium

Senior Category Heats Results

Senior Category Semi-Finals Results


Junior Category Heats Results

Junior Category Semi-Finals Results

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.


Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Chloe Ludwig U/11 Roadrunners 27.0 12.88 8
2 Patrick Blyth U/13 Panthers 24.0 12.75 7
3 Kaih Mitchell U/16 Panthers 11.0 12.71 5
4 Matthew McVay U/11 Redbacks 37.0 12.71 5
5 Jayden Rozairo U/16 Panthers 5.0 12.54 3
6 Daniel Hendricks U/13 Panthers 30.0 12.45 1
7 Jonathan Mastorakos U/9 Roadrunners 27.0 12.46 2
8 Lachlan Miller U/9 Redbacks 41.0 12.69 4

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Noah Mujezinovic U/8 Roadrunners 23.0 17.51 7
2 Jasmine King U/8 Roadrunners 12.0 17.35 5
3 Lachlan Smith U/8 Roadrunners 31.0 16.80 3
4 James Goodfellow U/8 Panthers 14.0 17.17 4
5 Aidan Cafarella U/7 Panthers 28.0 18.30 8
6 Alicia Ockerby U/7 Redbacks 14.0 17.41 6
7 Thomas Evangelista U/6 Panthers 40.0 16.70 1
8 Jeremy Ockerby U/8 Redbacks 0.0 16.79 2

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