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The 5th Annual running of the Ray White Chelsea Gift was held on the 8th December 2012. The popularity of the event was evident as a record number of 171 athletes registered to compete in the Gift. For the first time since the inception of the event, athletes had the benefit of a strong tail wind which was thought to theoretically benefit the backmarkers. The wind however played havoc at the end of the day as just before the Finals major problems with movement of the timing gates proved a handful for officials.

The backmarker honours this year went to Alicia Ockerby in the Junior category (U/6 - U/8 - benchmark time: 17.79 sec) following in the foot-steps of older brother Jeremy in last years event. Stuart Cafarella was placed off the scratch mark in the Senior group (U/9 - U/16 - benchmark time: 14.22sec). The benchmark times represent the base position for the handicapper and is the expected event time for each category, any athlete running under these times essentially signifies that they have run a PB. To simplify the progression calculations and provide the fairest system, this year three semi-finals were held in each category. The winner of each heat progressed through to the semi-final stage and the remaining field was made up of the next fastest qualifiers. Similarly the winner of each semi-final progressed to the Gift Final and the next fastest qualifiers completed the field of eight finalists.

Senior Category

106 athletes were registered in the senior category of the Gift this year. Noah Fleming excelled under the pressure of being race favourite with the fastest semi-final time in winning the Senior Gift by one of the biggest margins seen recently in a time of 12.80s, with Jenson Partington running 13.17s in second place, followed by Redback Matthew McVay in third.

2012 Chelsea Gift - Senior Finish

Senior Category Finish

2012 Chelsea Gift - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium

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Junior Category

A total of 65 athletes entered in the Junior category of the Gift this year, with the race back-marker Matthew Goodman winning in a time of 16.19sec, from Jye Holloway in second place, with Orlando Caballero rounding out the podium coming in third place. Sadly Lauren Russo who won her semi-final was injured before the race and could not compete in the Final. Lauren graciously pulling out of the race allowed Orlando to run after initially being the ninth fastest qualifier.

2012 Chelsea Gift - Junior Finish

Junior Category Finish

2012 Chelsea Gift - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium

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Senior Category Heat Results Senior Category Semi-Final Results
Junior Category Heat Results Junior Category Semi-Final Results

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.


Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Noah Fleming U/15 Roadrunners 12.0 12.80 1
2 Matthew Lehpamer U/10 Roadrunners 19.0 13.31 4
3 Matthew McVay U/12 Redbacks 28.0 13.27 3
4 Jenson Partington U/11 Redbacks 32.0 13.17 2
5 Daniel Hendricks U/14 Panthers 14.0 13.47 6
6 Sally Ryan U/12 Roadrunners 24.0 13.35 5
7 Jack Higgins U/10 Roadrunners 24.0 13.48 7
8 Daniel Vella U/14 Panthers 1.0 13.65 8

Times for the Senior Gift have been estimated from video

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Lily Woodhouse U/8 Redbacks 15.0 16.44 4
2 Megan Stewart U/6 Roadrunners 23.0 16.71 6
3 Joshua Elding U/8 Roadrunners 16.0 16.64 5
4 Emily Prasad U/8 Redbacks 18.0 16.72 7
5 Matthew Goodman U/8 Roadrunners 12.0 16.19 1
6 Jye Holloway U/7 Panthers 21.0 16.29 2
7 Orlando Caballero U/8 Redbacks 27.0 16.38 3
8 Benjamin Curtin U/8 Redbacks 16.0 DNC 8

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