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The 7th Annual Ray White Chelsea Gift was held on the 12 December 2014 again running as a twilight competition but moving back into its more traditional time-slot of before the New Year break. The weather brought sunny conditions with a slight cross-track tail wind for the competitors.

Again this season saw the finalists wearing traditional coloured bibs identifying their handicap position. The athletes were also placed in lanes based on their handicap, with the race backmarker in lane 1 following through to the frontmarker in lane 8.

This year the backmarker honours went to young speedster Sarah Hastings in the Junior category (U/6 - U/8 - benchmark time: 17.87 sec). Daniel Vella took the scratch mark in the Senior group (U/9 - U/16 - benchmark time: 12.53 sec). The benchmark times represent the base position for the handicapper and in essence represents the expected event time for each age category. An athlete running under these times effectively indicates that they have run a PB. Sarah made it through to the Semi-Final stage, and Daniel was eliminated in the Heats. To date no runner off scratch is yet to win the Gift.

Senior Category

This year a total of 91 athletes entered in the senior category of the Gift. Dominated by the frontmarkers, and Redbacks and Roadrunners - no Panthers made the final, Juliette Benton came through with her second win in the Gift to go with her 2009 title. Juliette became the second athlete to win a Gift twice and has now won both the Junior and Senior categories. Rounding out the podium were Lachlan Smith in second to go with his third place in the 2011 Junior Gift, and Jessica DeSilva finishing third.

2014 Chelsea Gift - Senior Finalists

Senior Category Finalists
2014 Chelsea Gift - Senior Finish

Senior Category Finish
2014 Chelsea Gift - Senior Podium

Senior Category Podium
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Junior Category

From a total of just 40 athletes entered in the Junior category of the Gift this year, Dion Gordon was declared the winner in a time of 17.07sec. Banjo Sinclair finished in second place, and Poppy Samild competing in consecutive Gift Finals (and the only Panther athlete in either category) improved on her sixth place from last year to finish on the podium in third.

2014 Chelsea Gift - Junior Finalists

Junior Category Finalists
2014 Chelsea Gift - Junior Finish

Junior Category Finish
2014 Chelsea Gift - Junior Podium

Junior Category Podium
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Senior Category Heat Results Senior Category Semi-Final Results
Junior Category Heat Results Junior Category Semi-Final Results

Final Results

Congratulations to the following athletes that made the final in their respective category.

Senior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 Elliot Higgins U/15 Roadrunners 16.0 12.66 6
2 Ruby Jordan U/13 Redbacks 23.0 13.09 8
3 Jessica DeSilva U/12 Redbacks 29.0 12.17 3
4 Lauren Russo U/10 Roadrunners 30.0 13.00 7
5 Sebastian Cole U/10 Roadrunners 30.0 12.42 4
6 Emily Prasad U/10 Redbacks 35.0 12.53 5
7 Juliette Benton U/11 Roadrunners 39.0 12.00 1
8 Lachlan Smith U/11 Roadrunners 41.0 12.05 2

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Junior Gift - Final
Lane Athlete Age Group Club Handicap Time Place
1 James Russo U/7 Roadrunners 3.0 18.34 8
2 Teagan Lay U/7 Redbacks 6.0 17.77 7
3 Jazmin Firth U/7 Redbacks 13.0 17.71 5
4 Cooper Trellis U/6 Roadrunners 17.0 17.73 6
5 Olivia Jackson U/8 Roadrunners 18.0 17.43 4
6 Banjo Sinclair U/7 Roadrunners 19.0 17.18 2
7 Dion Gordon U/6 Roadrunners 19.0 17.07 1
8 Poppy Samild U/8 Panthers 22.0 17.31 3

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