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The Frank Sullivan Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the visiting centre competing at the Chelsea Little Athletics Open Day, whose athletes amass the highest aggregate points score on the day.

Points are awarded based on performances, with 3 points allocated to Centres whose athletes achieve 1st place and 2 points and 1 point for 2nd and 3rd place respectively in an event final.

The table below presents past winners of the Trophy. With the loss of the original perpetual trophy, records from earlier years are unknown. Should these details be known by any persons we would be grateful for the information.

Season Centre
2005/06 Seaford
2006/07 Seaford
2007/08 Caulfield
2008/09 Caulfield
2009/10 Brighton
2010/11 Brighton
2011/12 Mentone
2012/13 No Open Day Held
2013/14 No Open Day Held
2014/15 Whittlesea City

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