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Little Athletics relies on the support and contribution of the volunteers who so graciously give of their time and effort to allow the activity to continue and indeed exist.

Little Athletics Chelsea wishes to recognise the following people and to thank them for the very significant time and effort, made over a long period, and that we are indeed grateful that they have contributed to make the Centre what it is today.

Mr Jim Rankin Mr John Van Echteld Mr Peter Richardson
Mr Lindsay Best Mr Brian Gray Mr Ian Brown
Mr John Ellem Mr Frank Sullivan (dec.) Mr Doug Gittens
Mrs Ann Riley Mr Paul Riley Mrs Faye Cornwill
Mrs Carol Butterfield Mr Greg Butterfield Mr Ian Dornom
Mr Steve Downie Mr Trevor Sasman Mr Mark Thomas
Mrs Ros MacInnes Mr Terry Clark Mr Ray Fyans
Mrs Elaine Simpson Mrs Sue Davis Mrs Liz Scammell
Mr Alan Senior Mr Michael Stock Mrs Anne Mellett
Mr Carlo Ballerini Mr Andrew Holten Mr Peter Crawford
Mr Richard Cullen Ms Claudette (MacDonald) Lopez Mrs Sue Hendricks
Mrs Prue Mitchell    

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