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There are no paid positions or supplied officials at Centre level in Little Athletics. The Centre can only function with the assistance of volunteers, i.e. the parents.

A number of tasks are required to be performed each season to ensure that the Centre works efficiently resulting in maximum enjoyment for all participating. Many tasks whilst essential are quite simple and require minimal effort and time. If you believe that you can contribute in any area, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact a Committee member for further information.

The Centre extends a big Thanks to those people listed below.

PDF Role (Duty Statement) Responsible Person
Centre President Greg Russo
  Centre Vice-President Sue Hendricks
adobe PDF logo Centre Secretary Lara Sinclair
adobe PDF logo Treasurer Gary Macfarlane
  Registrar Rebecca Toth
  Kingston City Council Liaison Greg Russo
  Results/Event Sheets Coordinator Wendy Grogan
  Canteen Manager Amy Menhennitt
  BBQ Manager Pauline Pawsey
  WWC Registrar Sue Hendricks
  Building Facilities Manager VACANT
  Bunnings BBQ Coordinator George Vryonis
adobe PDF logo Handbook Editor Prue Mitchell
  Equipment Manager VACANT
  Uniform Coordinator Sue Hendricks
adobe PDF logo Starter's Coordinator Ruby Holten / Michael Cochrane
adobe PDF logo Open Day Manager VACANT
  Sponsorship Manager Clare Cleaver
  Media Manager Greg Russo
  SMR Meeting Delegate Greg Russo
  Track Marker Gary Macfarlane
adobe PDF logo Website Manager VACANT
adobe PDF logo Coaching Manager Tim Newman
  Team Manager (Relays, T & F) VACANT
  Team Manager (Cross Country) Prue Mitchell
  On-Track Coordinator VACANT
adobe PDF logo Ground Announcer VACANT
  Awards Coordinator VACANT
  Off Season Promoter (LAPS, Schools/Sporting Clubs) Prue Mitchell

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